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Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd (KMD) locates 8 Kemeida Road, Yueyang, Hunan, China. The main products are: Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS) for billet/slab caster, Mandrel for coiler/uncoiler in hot rolling mill, Lifting Electromagnets for handling iron & steel, ElectroMagnetic Separator, Cable Reel drum, Edge Heater for steel strip, continuous casting equipment (ladle turret, tundish, dummy bar, mould & copper tube, segments, withdrawal & straightening machine, etc). As an ISO:9001 and CE certified manufacturer, KMD exports products to Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Croatia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and other countries in the world.



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As a leading manufacturer in electromagentic products. KMD covers area of 97000sqm with 500 sets of machine tools, such as  CNC boring machine, lathe, drilling machine, heat treatment, etc.



In-roll EMS is specialy designed for slab caster. One or two pairs of rollers will be replaced by EMS coils. Slab quality can be greatly improved: to increase equiaxed zone, to reduce cracks,segregation & porosity.

Mandrel for coiler/uncoiler

Reel of Recoiling Machine

The mandrel (also called pay-off reel or tension reel) is the key part of coiler/uncoiler in hot rolling mill. KMD can design & produce a brand new mandrel according to the site conditions or make spares as per your drawings.