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Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd (KMD), located at 8 Kemeida Road, Yueyang, Hunan, China, specializes in producing a variety of products such as Electromagnetic Stirrers (EMS) for billet/slab casters, Mandrels for coilers/uncoilers in hot rolling mills, Lifting Electromagnets for handling iron and steel, ElectroMagnetic Separators, Cable Reel drums, Edge Heaters for steel strips, and continuous casting equipment such as ladle turrets, tundishes, dummy bars, moulds & copper tubes, segments, withdrawal & straightening machines, and more.

As an ISO:9001 and CE certified manufacturer, KMD exports its products to Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Croatia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and other countries around the world.



Xiong Danyu

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Telephone: 0086-730-8793919
Address:  8 Kemeida Road, Yueyang, Hunan, China
Website:  http://www.china-electromagnetic-stirrer.com

As a leading manufacturer in electromagentic products. KMD covers area of 97000sqm with 500 sets of machine tools, such as  CNC boring machine, lathe, drilling machine, heat treatment, etc.



In-roll EMS is specialy designed for slab caster. One or two pairs of rollers will be replaced by EMS coils. Slab quality can be greatly improved: to increase equiaxed zone, to reduce cracks,segregation & porosity.

Mandrel for coiler/uncoiler

Reel of Recoiling Machine

The mandrel (also called pay-off reel or tension reel) is the key part of coiler/uncoiler in hot rolling mill. KMD can design & produce a brand new mandrel according to the site conditions or make spares as per your drawings.