We have various magnetic separators with strong target. Please choose the model according to the guide.
1. To choose proper separator must consider the material’s iron content, the requirement for removing iron, the operation environment and the separator’s self characteristics.
2. If the materials are contained with more iron, choose the belt type electromagnetic, electromagnetic separator and magnet wheel with the function of self-clean (Series RCDC, RCDD, RCDF, RCYD, RCYPII, RCYX and SeiresYL1, YG2, ML1, MG2).
3. If the materials are contained with less iron, choose the manual iron discharging type electromagnetic or Permanent Magnetic Separator (Series RCDA, RCDB, RCDE, RCYB, RCYP, RCYD-Q, YB, YG). To low the suspension attitude moderately is good for iron removing.
4. If there is heavy dust in the operation environment, choose the separator with complete sealing structure such as electromagnetic series RCDB, RCDE, RCDD, RCDF or permanent-magnet series RCYB, RCYD.
5. If the electricity capacity is limited, please choose the energy-saving electromagnetic separator.
6. When the separator is installed on the belt head, it is useful for removing iron for the forward momentum and loose state. But the head pulley under the separator should be made of non-magnetic material; otherwise, the separation shall be seriously affected.
7. When the separator is installed on the middle of belt, in order to improve iron separating rate, ought to add non-magnetic flat supporting roll series TWG under the adhesive tape; otherwise, the trough flat roll group should be made of non-magnetic materials (including the support).
8. If the materials contain non-ferromagnetic harmful metals, choose non-magnetic metal detector series JTF for check, alarm and position fixing, then to remove manually after the machine is stopped.
9. If the non-magnetic materials contain ferromagnetic metals as well as other metals needed to be removed, choose the multi-function electromagnet separator (eddy current separator) to remove the other metals.
10. Features: easier to attract large and long materials than to attract small and short ones; easier to attract sharp materials than to attract round ones; easier to attract moving materials than to attract still ones. In the case of the high belt speed, thick materials and high requirement for separator, it should improve the specification of the separator, or adopt two or multi-level iron removing, or choose the strong magnet type separator.
11. If the materials contain little irons, adopt the metal detector series JTC combined with the belt type electromagnet series RCDD-□-10 with short-time character of service, which will save energy and get better results in removing iron.
12. There are many methods to remove iron. If the situation is complicated, please contact with our technology development. We will make special design according to your particular purpose and environment.
13. Due to the appearance of strong field and high-gradient separators, ore dressing or purification for weakly magnetic material can also be implemented by magnetic separation. If you need, we shall provide the best design for you.